Areas Of Practice

Real Estate Transactions and Litigation


Assisting buyers, sellers, brokers, and agents with real estate issues prior to execution of a real estate contract or during the escrow period.

Mediation for parties to a real estate transaction when problems arise before or after close of escrow.

Attorney services to parties involved in litigation concerning real estate transactions including fraud, nondisclosure, breach of contract, rescission, specific performance, quiet title, broker negligence claims, general and punitive damage claims in arbitrations, court trials, and jury trials.

Mediator or attorney services to address and resolve co-ownership issues for tenants in common, partners, condominium owners from initial communication or mediation through litigation in actions for partition, or for sanctions or damages under tenancy in common or other co-ownership agreements. Attorney services for other real estate issues including partition actions for co-owners, quiet title actions, neighbor disputes, boundary disputes, easement claims, and other real estate related claims.

Probate and Trust Administration and Litigation


Attorney services for probate and trust litigation including inter-family disputes, creditor claims against estates or trusts, enforcing or defending claims against trustees, executors, and administrators.

Attorney representation of Trustees, Executors, and Administrators to guide and assist them at each step of the Trust Administration or Probate Process and to complete the process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Assistance of personal representatives or successors-in-interest in claiming assets for small estates without probate.



Mediation is a voluntary process in which a neutral mediator listens to all sides of a dispute and helps the parties find their own solution. Parties can mediate with or without attorneys and at any stage of the dispute. Ideally, the mediation takes place sooner rather than later, before the parties are too deeply entrenched financially and emotionally in the dispute. On the other hand, it is never too late to mediate and many cases settle shortly before or even during trial.

Michele McGill has served as a mediator for over ten years. She has completed various mediation training programs and studied advanced techniques since 2004. She gained extensive mediation experience by serving as a volunteer mediator for the Bar Association of San Francisco for over five years.

Ms. McGill’s advanced mediation training and extensive experience has allowed her to develop skills to successfully assist parties in understanding all sides of the issues and to devise creative and effective solutions. She has been very successful in achieving resolutions that are mutually beneficial.

Estate Planning Services


Estate Planning Services may include:  Revocable Trust Agreements, Wills, Trust Transfer Documents and Deeds, Special Needs Trusts, Life Estates, Advance Healthcare Directives, Durable Powers of Attorney for Property Management, HIPPA Authorizations, Trust Amendments or Restatements, Codicils and more.

Estate Planning Services are personalized to each individual’s needs; they are not one size fits all plans.  The attorney meets with each person or couple for a free initial consultation and planning session.  The Attorney will make home visits or hospital visits for those in need at no additional cost.

After the initial assessment, the attorney recommends the appropriate estate plan and provides a quote for the cost of those services.  The cost may range from $400 for a basic Will for an individual to $2,400 for a full estate planning package for a couple including a trust agreement, pour-over wills, advance healthcare directives, and durable powers of attorney for property management.   

The office provides a Twenty-Five Percent (25%) discount on all estate planning services for teachers, nurses and military families.

Co-ownership Disputes


As the number of condo owners and tenancy in common owners increases in San Francisco and the Bay Area, so does the likelihood of disputes among them. It is especially important to try to resolve these disputes quickly and to try to restore a positive relationship if possible. Michele McGill provides mediation services to help co-owners resolve their disputes.

Michele McGill also represents parties to a co-ownership dispute in mediation, arbitration, and litigation. Problems may include financing problems, interference with sales, repair and maintenance issues, noise issues, Airbnb issues, right of first refusal issues, defaults in payment of expenses, and other problems.

Elder Financial Abuse


Michele McGill represents elders, and those assisting elders, to recover wrongfully obtained assets and/or to void or rescind real estate transactions and cancel Grant Deeds or Deeds of Trust and to recover other assets wrongfully obtained or held as a result of elder financial abuse.

Michele McGill defends family members and others wrongfully accused of elder financial abuse.

General Civil Matters


The Law Office of Michele L. McGill provides guidance, representation, or referrals on other real estate, probate, and other general civil matters.

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