Elder Financial Abuse



Elder Financial Abuse

Actions To Recover Title To Real Property. Elderly people who have significant equity in their property are often targets for unscrupulous family members, neighbors, care givers, or strangers. Elders may be pressured or deceived into transferring title to their property or encumbering their property with a deed of trust or mortgage. The Law Office of Michele L. McGill has been assisting elders and/or their family members in recovering title to real property by bringing actions to cancel transactions and recover title to real property where the transfer was made as a result of elder abuse, fraud, undue influence, lack of capacity, mistake, or forgery.

Actions Against Financial Institutions Or Individuals For Damages For Breach Of Trust. Elderly people who have spent a lifetime saving or investing may be particularly susceptible to being taken advantage of in financial matters by employees, brokers, advisors, or individuals who gain access to or control over their financial or brokerage accounts. Greedy investment advisors may steer elders out of their current investments to churn their accounts and may sell them long term annuities that are inappropriate for their age and financial circumstances simply to generate large commissions for themselves. Banks and trust departments may participate in such activities any may also allow easy access to others to the elder’s accounts. The Law Office of Michele L. McGill assists elders and/or their family members to obtain compensatory and punitive damages against such unscrupulous or reckless operators.

Defense Against False Elder Abuse Claims.

A charge of elder abuse is a very powerful claim. The defendant is often presumed guilty and must prove his or her innocence. Such claims are often brought by disgruntled family members or others who had designs on the elder. The Law Office of Michele L. McGill has represented individuals and institutions falsely charged with elder abuse.

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